Palin confuses supporters for protesters

When people at a Virginia rally began chanting "Louder, louder," Sarah Palin responded with a comeback intended for hecklers.

Published October 13, 2008 9:10PM (EDT)

Things took a turn toward the hypothetically ugly Monday when Sarah Palin reacted to what she thought was a protest during a rally at the Richmond International Raceway in Virginia.

Supporters at the far reaches of the audience apparently couldn't hear what Palin was saying, and began chanting "Louder, louder!" the Associated Press reports; the chant spread from there.

Perhaps too used to seeing protests at this point -- and, in her defense, it's not often that supporters interrupt the candidate they've come to see in this fashion -- Palin responded, "I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest.”

By Andrew Burmon

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