A foodie dream come true

Do you like ethnic cuisine? A market research firm may have a job for you

Published October 23, 2008 9:48PM (EDT)

I must interrupt my obsessive coverage of the financial crisis to bring you this important news: Higher food prices for imported goods are forcing immigrant communities in the United States to change their diets.

OK, actually that might not be all that important. But what I really needed to share with readers, after reading Elizabeth Gibson's story in the Columbus Dispatch, is this:

There's no comprehensive report on how much this is costing immigrant families that rely on ethnic grocery stores, said Leylah Ahuile, a multicultural foods analyst for Mintel International Group of Chicago, but community leaders said it's common sense that it costs more.

Pretty much everyone I know in the San Francisco Bay Area is a multicultural foods analyst, though most of them perform their duties primarily on a amateur basis. I had no idea it was a career path.

By Andrew Leonard

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