Top 10 songs to rock your Obama victory party

From reggaeton to techno, he's everywhere.

By Cyrus Farivar
Published November 5, 2008 2:01AM (UTC)
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At the risk of being a bit premature, I decided to poke around the Internet to find what tunes I could spin to spice up my Obama victory party tonight. After consulting Wired, and this massive list on YouTube, I've come up with my Top 10 Obama songs:

1) Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico - Viva Obama


This is without a doubt the best Obama song that I've seen so far. It's got catchy lyrics -- Viva Obama! -- snappy outfits, a line about healthcare, and that female violin player? Muy caliente!

2) Extra Golden - Obama

This half Kenyan band (just like Obama!) rock out on this chillaxed benga track. Great guitar riffs.


3) Cocoa Tea - Barack Obama

Jamaican reggae star Coco Tea recorded this tune earlier this year, earning a small writeup in the Jamaica Observer at the time.

As he told the newspaper:

"If you notice, Obama is getting a lot of support from the young people, and when the younger generation begin to call for change, it usually comes, as they and the future, and Obama's future is in their hands. Support for Obama is also coming from other quarters including the Kennedy family, as he is seen as the man with a plan, therefore I was guided by Jah on this one."

How can you argue with Jah?

4) Docta Musica WashiWara - Barack Obama

This tune comes to us from Cameroon, and if you believe what the Docta says on his Web site: "The video has quickly becomed a big hit on Youtube." Indeed.


5) crbballgal - BARACK THE VOTE!

How can I deny two fly girls, an '80s-style synth, and rapping in front of a bathroom mirror? Well done, ladies.

6) Mighty Sparrow - Barack the Magnificent

Mighty Sparrow is the world's leading calypso singer, hailing from the island of Grenada. Cop a read on the lyrics over here -- I'm sure this is the first time that the phrase "Foreign Relations Committee" has worked its way into a calypso song.


7) Obama Song Spanish Reggaeton

I'm not sure who wrote this song, but nothing makes me want to sing "Si se puede!" louder than this reggaeton tune.

8) Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream

This song debuted just two days ago at a rally in Cleveland, so if you drop this joint at your fiesta, you'll definitely be about 75 percent as cool as the Boss himself.


9) Barackapella - Yes We Can

Although college a capella may get mocked on Stuff White People Like, this cover of the famed song is perfectly pulled off by Barackapella, a group from Lewis and Clark College in Oregon. (Also, don't forget the parody, by!)

10) Guru - Obama dance mix


I really, really hope that this is the first song that the Obamas dance to at the inagural ball. Or at least at the party in Chicago tonight.

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