I'm on vacation

By King Kaufman

Published November 12, 2008 8:55PM (EST)

Don't worry. I haven't gotten drunk at a party, run off to Florida with a group of llama trainers, sobered up, questioned whether I'd done the right thing, then started up a torrid affair with Valentina the llama rider that, I don't care what anyone says, never involved any of the llamas.

Again, I mean.

I'm just on vacation. There's a notice to that effect on the Salon cover, but I hadn't realized till now -- listen, that Valentina's a handful! -- that it doesn't appear on this page. So, here it is. I'm on vacation. Having a wonderful time. The llamas say hello.

Thanks to the hordes of worried readers -- OK, one reader -- who checked up on me. I'll be back with the NFL Week 11 preview Friday.

King Kaufman

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