137 pages of Wayne County foreclosures

How long will the list get if the Big Three automakers collapse?

By Andrew Leonard
Published November 19, 2008 1:09AM (UTC)
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Sometimes, all the news you need is a two minute YouTube clip of a man leafing through some pages of newsprint.

137 pages of newsprint, to be exact, a current list of all the properties currently in foreclosure in Wayne County, Michigan.

The city of Detroit is in Wayne County, and according to one recent newspaper report, there are 45,000 properties in some form of foreclosure. But reading about it doesn't carry quite the same visceral impact as just looking at the list. Or, to be precise, watching someone else look at the list, and exclaim, in a tone of muted awe:

"We're talking Wayne County before the Big Three go under."

(Thanks to Stephen Pizzo for the link.)

Andrew Leonard

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