"I'm not a feminist, but there's gender bias on TV"

Poll: Sexism bad. F-word worse?

Published November 19, 2008 4:15PM (EST)

Tina Brown's new pet Daily Beast has released the results (PDF) of a poll (conducted by the firm of Clinton strategist non grata Mark Penn) suggesting -- among other things -- that while one big white barrier fell on Election Night, at least one other (perhaps not surprisingly) remained firmly in place. Specifically, the one between people and a clue about "feminism."

A majority of respondents (both male and female) said that overall, women are not treated equally in American society, nor in the media, especially if they're named Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin.

But! Only 20 percent said they were willing to use the word "feminist" to describe themselves. (Even fewer said they'd want their daughters to be feminists.)




By Lynn Harris

Award-winning journalist Lynn Harris is author of the comic novel "Death by Chick Lit" and co-creator of BreakupGirl.net. She also writes for the New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

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