Welcome to the playoffs: Bye

Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff has an idea for shortening the baseball postseason. A bad one.

Published November 20, 2008 12:00PM (EST)

It looks like there's someone who has a worse idea for how to shorten the baseball playoffs than mine.

"I'd make it one-game-and-you're-out for the first series," Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff said Wednesday. "It would be exciting. It would be great."

It would be nuts.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. You think your home team gets punished now for going down to the wire and having to use the ace starter on the last day of the season, so he can't go till Game 3 or 4 of the divisional round? Imagine if the divisional round were over before he even got to his throw day.

One bad-hop grounder, a couple of runs before the fans have even settled into their seats, and bang, there go eight months. It goes against everything baseball's supposed to be about. Even college baseball's tournament is double elimination.

I love it.

I endorse all ideas that are dumber than mine, which is a lulu of a time-saver, let me tell you.

Wolff is the guy who's trying to take my beloved -- or, well, moderately liked -- A's out of my beloved -- or, well, I've lived there a couple of different times and it was OK -- Oakland and move them down the freeway to Fremont.

There was a whole bunch of condo-selling that was supposed to go along with that deal, and condo sales aren't looking too good over the next few years, so Wolff's been shifting parking plans around and making cockamamie scheduling suggestions, maybe hoping nobody will notice what's afoot, or not afoot, in Fremont.

He's probably not serious, but I don't know the guy.

I'm sticking with my idea of shortening the League Championship Series to five games. A commenter at the SFGate blog post about Wolff's suggestion proposed a two-day, four-team, single-elimination wild-card play-in tournament to start the playoffs that looks enough like a good idea that it will never happen.

And since it's smarter than my idea, I can't support it anyway. I'm sticking with Wolff, hoping that a victory on this score will allow him to let go of the ailing Fremont plan and keep the A's in magnificent -- or, well, the weather's nice and there's this one pizza joint I just love -- Oakland.

By King Kaufman

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