Midrange gifts for the outdoor adventurer

Choose your own adventure -- and stay charged-up and cozy while doing it.

Published December 4, 2008 8:40PM (EST)

 Solio's solar-powered chargers ($99.95) will keep campers' cameras clicking and ice climbers' iPods humming. They also sell a range of useful chargers, cases and adapters to make any outlet-free expedition more convenient.

The online handmade wonderland known as Etsy has a great collection of warm hats and scarves for the winter-lover. Browse like crazy, or try  a cute and cuddly scarf ($35-$95) from YoKNITS, to warm the extremities of your favorite skier or snowshoer.

Winter is more enjoyable when you're warm and dry (and when the powder is perfect, and the sky bright blue and the mountain open and glistening before you). For the adventurer who hates being cold, we suggest Capilene long underwear ($38-$120). Patagonia's Capilene is made from recycled materials -- and that's something to feel warm and fuzzy about.

The Giftybox Adventure Box ($89) is an easy and thoughtful present for anyone who likes, well, pretty much anything. The "choose your own adventure" kit provides a bevy of exciting excursions ranging from Schooner sailing to hang gliding. Each box comes with a book full of ideas and one coupon, which pays for the first adventure. Bungee jump close to home or add a deep sea fishing tour to your annual Florida vacation.

For the DIY outdoorsperson with time on her hands, Topo ($29.95-$99.95) may widen her horizons. This software makes customized maps for backcountry trips: zoom into a 3-D view of the area, add street overlays, personal photos and notes, and then print out the maps that fit your itinerary.

By Caitlin Shamberg

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