Obama loses youth (non)vote!

Promising longer school hours, pooper-scooping duties.

By Thomas Schaller
December 17, 2008 12:10AM (UTC)
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What is Barack Obama thinking?

Has he forgotten that he is expected to build a permanent Democratic majority over the next two generations? Is he not thinking ahead to reelection to his fourth term in 2020, long after the 22nd Amendment was repealed in order to make him Permanent King of America?


Following his announcement of Arne Duncan as his secretary of education nominee at a Dodge Academy press event late this morning, Obama visited for about 15 minuts with about a dozen Dodge students, grades 1 through 4.

According to pool reports, the following exchange occurred:

Q: What are you gonna do as president?

A: Make sure all kids get a good education.

OK, so far, so good.


Q: In 2009 are you going to the White House?

After replying "yes," Mr. Obama volunteered that he's getting a dog for Malia and Sasha, and added: "I want to make sure my daughters take care of this dog, and if they do their business, and you've got some poop, you don't just leave it there."

Q: Will you go to other countries?

Mr. Obama said "yes," adding that he even expects to meet some kings and queens.

He also told the kids he's thinking about longer school days, which did not seem to go over well.

Pooper-scooping after their dogs? Longer school days? This is not how you pander. They don't vote now, but these kids will be voting before you know it.

Somebody phone David Axelrod. He needs to work up text and video for a gauzy, 30-minute infomercial for Nickelodeon showing Obama jumping on a trampoline while passing out free candy.

Thomas Schaller

Thomas F. Schaller is professor of political science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the author of "Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South." Follow him @schaller67.

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