Obama dines with Will, Kristol, Brooks

The president-elect had dinner with the three conservative pundits Tuesday night -- there's speculation Rush Limbaugh was invited as well.

Published January 14, 2009 2:30AM (EST)

Even King David might have found Barack Obama's choice of dinner companions a bit too literal. (Psalm 23, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies," for those of you not up on your Biblical allusions.)

Columnist George Will hosted the president-elect and at least two other prominent conservative pundits at his Maryland home Tuesday night. The pool reporter on the scene has confirmed that New York Times columnists David Brooks and Bill Kristol at the dinner, but was apparently unable to spot any other guests.

The blogger Allahpundit of Hot Air speculates that Rush Limbaugh might have been there as well. "I got an e-mail from a reader shortly after noon noting that Limbaugh had a surprise guest host today who spent the beginning of the show dropping hints that Rush had been called away to urgent business in D.C. and that it might have to do with something he said yesterday about giving Obama advice," he writes, adding that he ignored the e-mail but has now noticed that they're hinting at something like this dinner on Limbaugh's Web site. And so they are: There's one note on the site that refers to the host being "called away to a super-secret meeting in Washington D.C." (Of course, this could be Limbaugh's typical bravado, assuming someone who actually was invited tipped him off.)

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder reports that "Obama has another private meeting with non-Republican opinion columnists" scheduled for Wednesday.

Update: Turns out Limbaugh wasn't there -- he was actually in Washington for lunch with President Bush. Sorry to get your hopes up.

By Alex Koppelman

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