Salon at the inauguration, via Twitter

As Barack Obama's swearing-in as president approaches, we'll be bringing you real-time updates of all the action.

Published January 17, 2009 3:40PM (EST)

PHILADELPHIA -- If you haven't yet noticed it, take a look over on the right side of the blog, where you'll see a new widget we've just added to the page. It's a Twitter feed, which will display live updates from the crew of Salon reporters and editors who'll be covering President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration this weekend and next week. We will, of course, be updating War Room as usual, and we'll have plenty of coverage elsewhere on the site as well.

Also, as you can see from the dateline, I'm writing this post from Philadelphia, where Obama is kicking off the whistle stop tour that will take him and Vice President-elect Joe Biden on a train trip through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland before they arrive in Washington tonight. I'm here with my colleagues Caitlin Shamberg and Rebecca Traister; after this event is done, we're heading off to Baltimore, for what's likely to be the biggest event along the way -- the crowd estimate I saw said they're expecting 100,000 people will gather to hear the president-elect speak there. We'll be bringing you more about the tour as the day goes on.

Finally, if you're on Twitter and you want to follow us there, we're Salon_WarRoom.

By Alex Koppelman

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