Change comes to inaugural concerts

Finally, we're free from the oppressive reign of Hillary Duff and Ryan Cabrera.

By Alex Koppelman

Published January 19, 2009 4:55PM (EST)

On Sunday, a concert celebrating President-elect Barack Obama's upcoming inauguration featured -- as our own Joan Walsh, who was on the scene, has documented here -- quite a lineup. Bruce Springsteen was there; so were Beyonce, Bono, Pete Seeger, Garth Brooks, Jamie Foxx and many others. What a difference four years makes: The list of performers at a concert celebrating George W. Bush's re-election reads quite differently.

From Bush's remarks at the "America's Future Rocks" concert, as released by the White House:

Listen, I want to thank all the entertainers who were here today. How about Hilary Duff. She was fantastic. (Applause.) Thank you, Hilary. JoJo -- JoJo is here -- yeah. (Applause.) Rubin (sic) Studdard -- you talk about a success story. (Applause.) Ryan Cabrera, I appreciate Ryan being here. (Applause.) How about Three Doors Down? (Applause.) Pretty cool guys, right? Seem cool to me. (Applause.) Fuel -- I appreciate Fuel being here. (Applause.) Jason Sehorn -- I'm honored that my friend, Jason -- and I'm really proud and pleased that he brought his wife, Angie Harmon. (Applause.)

I want to thank Steve Baldwin for being with us today. I'm honored that Steve was here. Erika Harold, Miss America 2003 -- what a fine person Erika is. (Applause.) How about Kelly Purdue, the "apprentice." (Applause.) Next thing you know, the guy will be running for President. (Applause.) Nancy O'Dell -- I'm honored that Nancy is with us. I appreciate you all coming.

Alex Koppelman

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