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A new text-messaging service tells women when they're ready to get pregnant.

Published February 19, 2009 11:24AM (EST)

Your cellphone is buzzing again; it's a text message boldly sent in search of some lovin'. But this isn't your typical late-night booty call from a lonely bachelor. No, it's your ovaries calling. Well, OK, technically it's BabyCenter.com text-messaging you on behalf of your ovaries with a baby-making tip. It's part of a new service that doesn't exactly set the mood with candles or massage oils, but does track wannabe-mommies' fertility and texts them when it's time to get it on. And it's called, wait for it, Booty Caller.

As Booty Caller's tag line promises: "We tell you when, you decide where." Enter your phone number and the day of your last period into the Web site and you'll get monthly time-for-sex texts along the lines of: "Your fertile window opens today and lasts 5 more days. Stress can get in the way of conception so relax and get a massage, meditate, or take a yoga class." (Of course, for some women, a warning that you only have five more days to conceive might cause a bit of stress.) Two other monthly messages remind you before your "window" of fecundity starts and on your last fertile day.

Of course, there are plenty of other online menstrual cycle trackers, but this is the first to help women get knocked up by hitting up their cellphones. The Philadelphia Inquirer (via RH Reality Check) has a feature on the service and talks to Booty Caller devotee Tonya Whitfield, who "found an ovulation prediction kit too much work and too unsexy." Apparently Booty Caller users find the service plenty sexy -- the Inquirer reports that they say it "can ignite a sexy back-and-forth via text message" (presumably with their partner). "It takes a lot of stress off," Whitfield says. "This just texts you. I think it's kind of cool."

This is just one of many ways that baby-making, pregnancy and birth are going high-tech. As the Inquirer mentions, a New York father invented a device for his pregnant wife to wear that sends a message on Twitter every time his baby kicks (e.g., "I kicked Mommy at 08:52PM on Fri, Jan 2!"), and Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica recently Tweeted the birth of their baby. There are YouTube time-lapse videos of women's pregnancies, birth countdown clocks and all manner of customizable and animated baby in utero widgets for Facebook and beyond. What's next, I wonder: Live womb webcams?

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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