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Time's Joe Klein says Matt Drudge's latest shot at the Obama administration is "downright pestilential."

By Alex Koppelman

Published February 19, 2009 10:50PM (EST)

Time's Joe Klein, on Matt Drudge's hysteria of the day:

Take a look at this Drudge front page, all red and crazy. Over a CNBC commentary? It's obvious that Drudge, like Rush Limbaugh, is rooting for Obama to fail. But this sort of, well, crap, is downright pestilential. Real human beings have real investments -- 401ks, homes, small businesses -- that are on the line. Again and again, I'm infuriated by those in the media who somehow don't understand that this crisis is real and can become worse.

For more on this, see Salon's own Andrew Leonard, who has a great post about it over at How the World Works.

Alex Koppelman

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