Tough broad beans burglars

As you-go-old-girl stories go, this one's pretty good.

By Lynn Harris

Published February 26, 2009 7:12PM (EST)

Part of me chafes at any rootin'-tootin' tough-broad granny story that makes the rounds (I'd rather not weigh down this post with the terms "ageist" and "sexist," but...oops), and part of me wishes some rootin'-tootin' tough-broad granny would fight off Emeril Lagasse with a saucepan, but I have to admit that this one (embedded below) -- complete with reference to Fibber McGee! -- made me smile.

Just two questions: I thought 70 was "young" now. What happened? And: Did the robber's head emerge in the shape of the pan? 

Judge's wife serves up justice

Lynn Harris

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