Portia de Rossi: Sorry about that marriage thing

The actress offers an "apology" to all the people offended by her wedding to Ellen DeGeneres.

Published March 23, 2009 12:22PM (EDT)

On Friday, actress Portia de Rossi appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel" and offered this terrific tongue-in-cheek PSA, a shot at all those Proposition 8 supporters so undone by the horror of gay marriage.

Standing in front of a wedding portrait that reminds me what a classy little snifflefest her own ceremony was, the actress says: "When I got married, all I was thinking about was my own joy at committing to my partner for the rest of my life. I didn't think about all the people I was hurting by getting married. That was selfish." Indeed it was! It's high time someone reached across the (wedding) aisle to those sad little protesters. 

Now, how about that "Arrested Development" movie already?  (via Buzzfeed)

By Sarah Hepola

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