This is what it sounds like, when derivatives traders cry

Prince name checks AIG in a new tune, proving funk and bailouts can coexist.

Published March 27, 2009 7:22PM (EDT)

Prince debuted a new song on Jay Leno Wednesday night that manages the neat trick of sounding like an out-take from "Purple Rain" and yet stays au courant with the financial crisis. The only thing it missed was a shout out to Tim Geithner. But what rhymes with Geithner? (Found via Gawker.)

From "Ol' Skool Company":

Everybody's talking about hard times
Like it started yesterday
People I know been struggling
Least it seems that way
Fat cats on Wall Street
They got a bailout, think it was A.I.G.
700 billion but in my old neighborhood
Ain't nothing changed but me

As for the song, I liked it, but I've always been a fan. Except for when he says stupid things about gay marriage.

By Andrew Leonard

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