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Right-wing radio host Michael Savage accuses "the hemorrhoid with eyes" -- presumably Fox News personality Glenn Beck -- of ripping off his show.

Published April 7, 2009 8:00PM (EDT)

Radio talk show host and wordsmith Michael Savage is no stranger to school-yard name calling. You could even argue that he has made his career on his ability to provoke outrage. Savage has penned a book entitled "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder," and over the course of his career he has gained notoriety for calling autism a "racket," suggesting all American heterosexual women above the age of 25 are dominatrices, and telling Muslims that they should "take your religion and shove it up your behind."

And recently, Savage had some choice words for one fellow right-wing squawker -- presumably Fox News' Glenn Beck. On his show, Savage was discussing pundits who, he believes, steal his material. A caller asked Savage about "the weeper on Fox News," which brought on this response from Savage (h/t Media Matters):

[Presumably Glenn Beck] listens to the show everyday and then copies it the next day with graphics. You have to give it to the hemorrhoid, he's not bad... The hemorrhoid with eyes has a very good pair of ears, I have to hand it to him... What's with the overacting?  What's with the overemphasis of everything and the crying? What's that all about?... I'm afraid the guy's going to have a nervous breakdown on the air... This guy's on the edge everyday... Good luck to him. Personally I think the guy is going to have a crack up on the air -- which is going to be very good for ratings.

By Vincent Rossmeier

Vincent Rossmeier is an editorial assistant at Salon.

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