Video: Izzy Award speeches on the political media

Watch the speeches of Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman and I.F. Stone son, Jeremy, on independence and journalism.

Published April 19, 2009 11:16AM (EDT)

On the evening of March 31, the Park Center for Independent Media hosted its award ceremony for the first annual Izzy Awards, named after pioneering independent journalist I.F. "Izzy" Stone.  Held at Ithaca College, close to 1,000 people attended.  The Ithacan's article reporting on the event is here.  Introductory speeches were given by FAIR founder, former Donahue Produer and Park Center Director Jeff Cohen, as well as by Izzy Stone's son, Jeremy (the text of Stone's speech is here), and then my co-recipient, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, and I both gave speeches about independent journalism.

Below are (a) Jeff Cohen's introductions of my speech and Amy's (his introductions were preceded by a three-minute video featuring our work); (b) my speech -- in two video segments -- which was roughly 30 minutes total, and (c) Amy Goodman's speech -- in four video segments -- which was roughly an hour total:

Jeff Cohen introduction of Glenn Greenwald:

Glenn Greenwald speech -- Part I:


Glenn Greenwald speech -- Part II

Jeff Cohen introduction/Amy Goodman speech - Part I:

Amy Goodman speech - Part II:

Amy Goodman speech - Part III:

Amy Goodman speech - Part IV: 

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