The stress test report card

The Treasury reports that under a "more adverse scenario" the big banks could lose $600 billion. Here are the winners, and losers.

By Andrew Leonard
Published May 7, 2009 9:13PM (EDT)

The stress test report card is in:

Some highlights:

  • "The results of the SCAP suggest that if the economy were to track the more adverse scenario, losses at the 19 firms during 2009 and 2010 could be $600 billion."

The "good" banks:

J.P. Morgan Chase
Goldman Sachs
Bank of New York Mellon
State Street
Capital One Financial Corp.
American Express BB&T
U.S. Bancorp

The "bad" banks (followed by the amount of additional capital required by the government):

Bank of America: $33.9 billion
Wells Fargo: $13 billion
GMAC: $11.5 billion
Citigroup: $5.5 billion
Regions Financial Corp.: $2.5 billion
SunTrust: $2.2 billion
Morgan Stanley: $1.8 billion
KeyCorp: $1.8 billion
Fifth Third Bancorp: $1.1 billion
PNC Financial Services: $0.6 billion

Andrew Leonard

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