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Do daughters make dads more liberal? Plus: Sexual harassment at the UN, Michelle Obama and more.

Published May 22, 2009 9:50PM (EDT)

Because we can't get to everything, here are a few stories we missed this week:

Daddy's little girl: On stats guru Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight, Andrew Gelman addresses a new sociological study (by AndrewJ.  Oswald and Nattavudh Powdthavee) that finds parents of daughters are more likely to support policies working toward gender equity, with an exceptionally strong correlation showing up for fathers. Specifically in Washington, congressmen with girls tend to vote more liberally in regards to issues like reproductive rights and working families' flexibility. In short, parents of only daughters are "more likely to hold feminist views."

UNfit for work: A rash of sexual harassment cases at the United Nations has left some worried that the internal complaint process is "arbitrary, unfair and mired in bureaucracy." As an overhaul of the entire employee dispute system looms, both accusers and defendants are raising doubts about the updates, calling into question the investigative and appeals processes, as well as the diplomatic immunity held by many U.N. managers.

Standing up for the surrogate: Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently announced that a surrogate would carry her twins, unloaded to "Access Hollywood" in equal parts about the excitement of adding to her family and the ire inspired by the paparazzi's treatment of her babies’ carrier. According to Parker, the surrogate mother has experience everything from having her phone hacked to threats directed toward friends and family. “I am incredibly outraged by the sort of extraordinary and unprecedented invasion of her privacy,” she said.

"Time" for more Michelle: The First Lady graced the cover of Time magazine this week (with no biceps in sight!) as the subject of a profile, "The Meaning of Michelle," and an interview, in which she talks about family, the girls' soccer games and her public persona. "I'm pretty much who I've been for a long time," she said.

Female golfer escort service?: A Las Vegas-based group promises that their enthusiasm “rubs off on you.”

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