"Busted" author responds to criticism

Times reporter Edmund Andrews tells PBS his wife's bankruptcies were not relevant to his personal credit crunch

Published May 23, 2009 7:24PM (EDT)

The latest in the Edmund Andrews "Busted" saga: Megan McArdle reports that Andrews has responded to her revelations about his wife's multiple bankruptcies.

Andrews starts:

It is hard to believe that anybody would accuse me of trying to airbrush a story in which I recount the cringe-inducing details of my calamitous plunge into junk mortgages.

He also says the bankruptcies "had nothing to do with our mortgage woes. They were both tied to old debts from before we were married or bought a house. They had nothing to do with my ability to get a mortgage; nor did they have anything to do with our subsequent financial problems."

I still don't buy it. At numerous points in the book, Andrews references the different approaches he and his wife had with respect to finances and he includes several cringe-inducing exchanges between husband and wife arguing about money. I still think he left out a relevant part of the story.

By Andrew Leonard

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