Limbaugh isn't backing down on Sotomayor

Newt Gingrich may have retracted his contention that the judge is a racist, but Limbaugh isn't following suit

By Alex Koppelman
June 3, 2009 9:30PM (UTC)
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Like I said earlier: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's attempt to walk back his having called Sonia Sotomayor a racist is too little, too late. The genie's out of the bottle, cat's out of the bag, horses are out of the barn -- whatever cliché you like best, it doesn't matter. Because people like Rush Limbaugh aren't going to take the hint.

On his show Wednesday, the radio talker sounded a litlte puzzled as to why Gingrich had retracted the comments as he did. "I didn’t know why he retracted it and I still don’t," Limbaugh said.


Limbaugh made a similar characterization of the Supreme Court nominee, and for his part, he said, "I’m not retracting it, nobody’s refuting it…Nobody’s saying I’m wrong, nobody’s saying I’m making it up."

This is the continuing problem for the GOP: Those within the party who see the electoral doom that faces them if they continue to demonize Hispanics and appear to have racial animus towards them are continually shouted down by talk radio. Until they can diminish that wing of the party, and survive without Limbaugh's listeners, they're going to keep having this issue.

Alex Koppelman

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