Operation Rescue eyes Tiller's clinic

In a cold-blooded move, the anti-abortion group publicly considers buying the property.

Published June 10, 2009 5:01PM (EDT)

This morning my blood boiled quicker than my teakettle, thanks to this headline: "Abortion foes interested in buying Kansas clinic." Of course, the clinic at issue is that of the late Dr. George Tiller. You might ask: Which abortion activists could possibly be so callous and vindictive as to publicly covet the headquarters of a recently assassinated foe? None other than Operation Rescue, the same group that fought for years to close the clinic and whose senior policy advisor's phone number was found in Scott Roeder's car shortly after he allegedly murdered Tiller in church.

The group is seizing on the publicity surrounding Tuesday's announcement that Tiller's clinic will be permanently closed by declaring that it's considering buying the property. "I would love to make an offer on that abortion clinic, and that's some of the discussion that we're having," said president Troy Newman. Tiller's attorney smartly refused to comment, saying he couldn't possibly "respond to every irreverent publicity stunt or comment by these extremists." Unfortunately, this might not be an empty publicity stunt: In 2006, the group bought a former abortion clinic in Wichita and made it their center of operations.

I believe my response to this news, minus the extreme nausea and expansive string of expletives, can be summarized like so: Disgusting.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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