Coleman charged court costs, but won't pay yet

The former senator owes $94,000 to Al Franken, but isn't going to pay up until the Minnesota Supreme Court rules

By Alex Koppelman

Published June 11, 2009 5:25PM (EDT)

Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman's court fight is getting more expensive by the day -- literally.

On Wednesday, a court ruled that Coleman owes $94,783.15 in court costs to his opponent, Democrat Al Franken. The decision was actually a partial loss for both men -- Franken had sought $161,00. But it will cost more for Coleman, and not just because of that $95,000.

One thing the Coleman camp had asked for is that the court stay the charges until the Minnesota Supreme Court, which is currently considering the case, weighs in. But instead, the court wants the money paid immediately, something a Coleman spokesman says isn't going to happen. That means the former senator will be charged interest for every day the payment is late.

(Hat-tip to Political Wire.)

Alex Koppelman

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