Report: Von Brunn targeted Weekly Standard

The Holocaust Museum shooter reportedly had a long list of targets, including the conservative magazine

Published June 11, 2009 7:10PM (EDT)

James Von Brunn, the 88-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum on Wednesday, was reportedly carrying a long list of potential targets at the time of the attack. Among the names on it are some that may surprise a few people, including the Weekly Standard and a Fox News office.

Politico's Ben Smith reports that the Standard, a conservative magazine founded by Bill Kristol, got a visit from FBI agents yesterday, and that the agents told staffers they'd found the office address on a piece of paper "associated with" Von Brunn.

Separately, a Fox affiliate reports that during a search of Von Brunn's car, law enforcement found a notebook that contained information about "six to nine locations in the D.C. area," including what's described only as "a Fox News location," the White House, the Capitol, the Washington Post and, of course, the Holocaust Museum.

Really, it shouldn't be all that surprising that Von Brunn would have directed some of his ire at the Weekly Standard. Based on his writing published to the Internet, his hatred of Jews appears to be pretty all-encompassing. Like a lot of people on the fringe, that hatred extends to neo-conservatives, who he saw as running U.S. foreign policy in service of Israel. Considering the Weekly Standard's prominence as an outlet for writers like Kristol, it was natural that he'd focus on it. (As for Fox News and the Washington Post, well, the old canard that Jews run the media dies hard.)

Von Brunn has now been formally charged in the case. According to the criminal complaint, among the things he'd written in the notebook was, "Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America's money. Jews control the mass media... JVB swore (LT USNR) to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Jews -- Bolsheviks -- Zionist are America's enemies." The complaint also reveals that Von Brunn was shot in the face, apparently by a shot fired by another museum guard, who was using a .38 caliber weapon. Von Brunn was allegedly using a .22 caliber rifle.

Update: While the left is blaming the right for the shootings, and the right is blaming the left, a colleague pointed out to me that at notorious white supremacist Web site Stormfront, they know exactly who was responsible for the attack: The Jews! (No link -- this story has forced us to link to enough neo-Nazis already, thank you.)

In a thread at the site's forum, one poster, "Celtic Avenger," suggests that the shooting was really a false flag operation run by the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. "This is far too pat, it is too perfect, just like so many mossad (sic) false flag ops. It is timed to affect members of congress (sic) at a critical time in history, when they are debating limitations on free speech and thought," Celtic Avenger writes. "We may never know the truth, but I personally don't buy it. These are the same people who murdered JFK, Lincoln, and brought us 9/11."

Several other posters agree with Celtic Avenger, who, later in the thread, offers his take on how the deception could have been accomplished:

1) Von Brunn is asked to meet a "friend" at the museum for some purpose, such as the planning of some future eye opening event.

2) The black guard is on station and told by some high ranking shill to shoot on sight.

3) Once Von Brunn is down, the shill comes up with a rifle and shoots the guard to death.

4) The shill places Von Brunn's finger prints on the rifle.

The End

This is a very simple false flag op to commit.

By Alex Koppelman

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