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Expanding projects with the help of readers.

By Glenn Greenwald

Published June 23, 2009 5:24PM (EDT)

Since I began blogging in October, 2005, I've asked readers -- twice a year -- to help fund the work I do here.  But the last time I did so was back in April, 2007.  Between the overwhelming response to that last request and the fact that I had moved the blog to Salon, there hasn't been a reason to hold another blog fund-raiser:  until now.

Blogs have innovated political journalism, punditry and activism in numerous ways.  One of the most significant innovations is the constant, multi-layered interaction between bloggers and their readers, a radical departure from the one-way monologue model of establishment journalism.  Reader-funded journalism -- readers helping to sustain and expand the journalism they find valuable -- has been critical in fueling the growth of blogs.  That's truer now than ever before.  As newspapers, political magazines and even blogs struggle to find an economically sustainable model, reader support is becoming even more important.  Even establishment media outlets are now beginning to contemplate that model, as illustrated by last weekend's column from New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt discussing ways for the NYT to enable readers who believe it provides important journalism to help it remain viable.

Salon has been (and continues to be) supportive in the extreme of the work I do here –- honoring without fail its commitment of full editorial independence and providing whatever support it can -- but being independent, along with the current economic climate, brings with it an increased need for self-sufficiency.  There are numerous projects I would like to have funded that would significantly increase the impact of the work I do here -- a research assistant to work much more than the negligible number of hours per month that I have had; improved and more sophisticated podcast equipment to maximize the quality of the interviews I do; and, most of all, the ability to do television interviews remotely so that my distance from New York and Washington doesn’t continue to compel me to turn down most television interview requests.  Fund-raisers of these sorts independently enable me to continue more easily to devote my full efforts to what I do here; would make possible these added projects; and all of that would, in turn, increase the efficiency and impact of what I do here.

Independence is vital because it enables one to be beholden to nobody other than one’s readers.  It is independence that allows one to write without any fear of breaching conventions, violating orthodoxies, or offending anyone.  Those wishing to donate can do so via Paypal ( or using the link below, or for those who prefer it, can email me for a mailing address.  I really appreciate anyone who contributes here in any way -- commenting, reading, emailing feedback -- and appreciate everyone who has helped to fund blog activities in the past.

 [Several people have indicated problems with the Paypal button.  It will likely work if it's tried again after a few minutes, but anyone can also donate using their Paypal account -- without the Paypal button -- by sending directly to the Paypal address provided above ( -- or, as indicated, those who prefer can email me for a mailing address.  Thanks].

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