Eight months later, the winners of our election pool!

Now that Al Franken has won, so have two Salon readers

By Gabriel Winant
July 16, 2009 9:10PM (UTC)
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Salon would like to take you back to a moment, aeons ago, when, according to legend, one known as “Joe the Plumber” haunted the land, all patriotic Americans were caught up in that iconic chant that has been carried down through the ages -- "Drill, baby, drill" -- and yea, the scion of Malcolm X (or possibly Bill Ayers) was anointed as the Chosen One.

As you may recall, we invited readers to compete in an election pool. However, the result was frustratingly inconclusive, thanks to a certain litigious former senator. (Rhymes with Shmoleman.) Being understanding folk, our readers apparently forgot about the whole thing.


Well, we didn’t forget. Thanks for your patience, and now that the Minnesota unpleasantness has been put to bed, we’re ready to declare a winner. Two, actually. The pool came down to two commenters, davidand and paulmurky, who had answered 11:01 and 11:00, respectively, on the tiebreaker question, “What time (EST) will the presidential race be called?”

We’re not nitpickers, so we’re going to give it to both of you: Congratulations to commenters davidand and paulmurky. Please email Alex Koppelman at alex@salon.com to collect your reward. Any complaints about the delay should be directed to the state of Minnesota.

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