"Curing feminist indoctrination"

An online men's group knows just who's to blame for the world's ills: Women!

By Frieda Klotz
Published July 21, 2009 10:22PM (EDT)

In the UK a few years ago, a group called Fathers 4 Justice, dedicated to making sure divorced men got access to their children, kept getting into trouble. One member threw condoms full of purple flour at the then Prime Minister Tony Blair in the House of Parliament; another climbed onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman. The men’s behavior did nothing to suggest they were responsible fathers, and while they publicized their cause, they also got on everyone’s nerves (there’s a US wing too, by the way).

Something similar could be said for antimisandry.com, an online forum dedicated to “curing feminist indoctrination.” (Misandry is the term for hatred of men or boys.) Amanda Hess recently offered her own analysis at the Washington City Paper blog The Sexist, but in short: The site blames the world’s ills on a toxic combination of feminism, the media and the government. It sees feminism as “the radical notion that men are not people.” (The Oxford English Dictionary, meanwhile, defines feminism as “advocacy of the rights of women based on the theory of equality of the sexes.” Hmm. I prefer the latter.) 

What’s striking about Anti-misandry.com is its irrationality, its anger and the self-pitying tone of the posts. If the world is against you, that’s sad. But feminism isn't anti-men. Anti-misandry.com, on the other hand, sure does seem anti-women.

Frieda Klotz

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