Voight asks, "Is President Obama creating a civil war?"

The actor warns, "Do not let the Obama administration fool you with all their cunning Alinsky methods"

Alex Koppelman
August 21, 2009 8:20PM (UTC)

Actor Jon Voight is on his way to Cincinnati, and Atlanta, in order to participate in Fox News host Sean Hannity's latest "Freedom Concerts." But first, he paused long enough to share some extra nuttiness with the Washington Times.

"There's a real question at stake now. Is President Obama creating a civil war in our own country?" Voight said in an interview with the paper.


He continued:

We are witnessing a slow, steady takeover of our true freedoms. We are becoming a socialist nation, and whoever can't see this is probably hoping it isn't true ...

Do not let the Obama administration fool you with all their cunning Alinsky methods. And if you don't know what that method is, I implore you to get the book "Rules for Radicals," by Saul Alinsky. Mr. Obama is very well trained in these methods.

The real truth is that the Obama administration is professional at bullying, as we have witnessed with ACORN at work during the presidential campaign. It seems to me they are sending down their bullies to create fist fights among average American citizens who don't want a government-run health care plan forced upon them. So I ask again: Is President Obama creating a civil war in our own country?

The thing I love about this is that conservatives like Hannity normally hate the idea of celebrities getting involved in politics -- at least, when those celebrities are liberal. Take Laura Ingraham, who actually wrote a book with the title, "Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the U.N. are Subverting America."

As for Hannity, back in 2006, he said, "You know something? I don't really care what Sean Penn says. In the sense that you say he's an actor, no one pays attention to him or Rosie O'Donnell or Alec Baldwin or any of these guys.


But now he's got Voight coming to his concert.

And hey, the desire to keep politics and entertainment separate is fine. It's not like most actors are geniuses when it comes to politics or policy. But as soon as someone like Voight or Craig T. Nelson comes along, Fox News personalities -- like Hannity and Ingraham -- rush to embrace them. Ironic -- don't you think?

Alex Koppelman

Alex Koppelman is a staff writer for Salon.

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