New "Afterbirthers" demand Obama's placenta

Can we really know where the president was born if we don't have all the evidence? And we do mean all

Published August 28, 2009 2:45PM (EDT)

God bless The Onion.

The parody newsmagazine's article on the Birthers gets it exactly right:

"All we are asking is that the president produce a sample of his fetal membranes and vessels -- preferably along with a photo of the crowning and delivery -- and this will all be over," said former presidential candidate and Afterbirthers spokesman Alan Keyes, later adding that his organization would be willing to settle for a half-liter of maternal cord plasma ... Keyes said that if Obama did not soon produce at least a bloody bedsheet from his conception, Afterbirthers would push forward with efforts to exhume the president's deceased mother and inspect the corpse's pelvic bone and birth canal.

They also produced this pretty amazing video, "Is Using a Minotaur to Gore Detainees a Form of Torture?" Clearly, the jury is still out.

By Alex Koppelman

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