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How many fingers were in the military-weapons-from-North-Korea-to-Iran pie?

Published September 1, 2009 6:54PM (EDT)

A sharp-eyed reader suggested the following paragraph, excised from an Aug. 31 Wall Street Journal article, "Cargo of North Korea Materiel Is Seized en Route to Iran" would tickle my globalization fancy.

According to the Security Council diplomat, the weapons were carried on an Australian vessel, the ANL-Australia, which was flying under a Bahamian flag. According to an Aug. 14 letter sent to the U.N. sanctions committee, the exporting company was an Italian shipper, Otim, which exported the items from its Shanghai office.

Further complicating efforts to "have total transparency on all exports and imports into North Korea" -- ANL's parent company is headquartered in France.

So we've got France, Australia, the Bahamas, Italy, China, North Korea and Iran entangled in one nasty web. Nice!

By Andrew Leonard

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