The real reason for Obama's speech to public school students

An innocent address, or a nefarious attempt to hide the truth?

Published September 4, 2009 11:45PM (EDT)

Salon is lucky enough to get e-mails from a wide range of conspiracy theorists. On Friday, one let us know about the real motive for President Obama's speech to public school students next week -- and, since it's the start of a holiday weekend, we figured we'd share it with you for a little long weekend fun.

You see, Obama has planned his speech not for purposes of indoctrination, as many on the right are claiming. Oh, no -- his planning goes deeper, and more evil than that. Really, he's trying to distract from a procedural hearing in Orly Taitz's Birther lawsuit on behalf of Alan Keyes, the one in which she's now filed yet another fake Kenyan birth certificate that supposedly proves Obama wasn't born in the U.S.

Allow the blog where our e-mailer got their information to explain:

As an observer of the Oba-Hussein Administration strategy and tactics, which increasingly seems to misjudge the minds of the American people and bask in the narcissistic glow of accolades from their core admirers and bought supporters, it occurred to me that the choice of Tuesday September 8th to try to hog the national news scene has much to do with another MAJOR event taking place on that date at 8:00 a.m. in Santa Ana, California.

Oba-Hussein well knows that most of the nation's schools start on September 9th, so making his message to schools when most are not yet starting CLEARLY shows he is trying to suck the oxygen out of the news cycle with this high-sounding but fraudulent pep talk to empty schools and try to bury the ELIGIBILITY story.

Federal District Court Judge, David O. Carter, will begin hearing the Obama eligibility case brought by Orly Taitz on behalf of Presidential candidate Alan Keyes and some 200 military clients, who all demand Obama provide valid documentation to prove he is eligible to be President of the USA and also to be Commander in Chief and issue/approve military orders.

By Alex Koppelman

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