"Empowering" moms one bra at a time

A line of lactation lingerie promises to make new mamas feel sexy -- and encourage breast feeding

Published September 15, 2009 10:30PM (EDT)

A sultry woman stands silhouetted in the doorway. She creeps forward, twirls, and accidentally knocks a white vase to the floor. Making her way toward the camera -- and the man in her life, who has just arrived home from work -- she continues to spin, peeling off her sheer black nightie to reveal some lacy underwear and, oops, sends a lamp and framed photo crashing to the floor. The camera pans back and -- boom! -- we discover the cause of all this destruction: her pregnant belly. He stands there mildly amused (aw, cute, she tried to be sexy for me) and mildly aroused ( hey, nice panties you got there). So goes the TV spot, which Babble brought to our attention, for a New Zealand-based lingerie company for pregnant woman and new mothers called, wait for it, HOTmilk.

The brand's creators are all about "empowering women, to remind them that they are beautiful confident and SEXY" -- even when their belly is swollen or when their breasts are overflowing with milk. The designers also want to deliver a political message: The brand "supports and encourages breastfeeding through sophisticated and stylish designs. We also hope that our campaign will help to promote breast-feeding and elevate its importance" -- presumably through their selection of frilly and lacy nursing bras. I guess breast isn't truly best unless it comes with lactation lingerie.

It's worth celebrating the novel concept (outside of porn) of a pregnant woman being sexy -- only, this particular vision necessitates buying expensive underthings. I'd say the word "empowerment" only applies to this brand so far as it gives women one more choice on the McSexy drive-thru menu.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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