Balloon boy saga: Strange family videos

A peek at the Heenes' world, from a painful appearance on "Wife Swap" to a kid's rap video called "Not Pussified"

By Tracy Clark-Flory

Published October 15, 2009 7:16PM (EDT)

The 6-year-old boy who was thought to be stuck in an experimental aircraft floating over Colorado is reportedly Falcon Heene, the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene. (The aircraft has landed, and no one was inside.) Little is known about Falcon's father Richard Heene, beyond the fact that he's known as a "storm chaser," and his family twice appeared on the show "Wife Swap," which is more like "Mom Swap," because the show thrives on switching up very different styles of mothers and throwing them into each other's home. Earlier, we posted a clip of the father's rather disturbing appearance on the show, but the video was quickly yanked down from YouTube, so we've removed it as well.

The clip of Richard Heene on "Wife Swap" was from Joel McHale's "The Soup," where it landed thanks to the screaming match that erupted between Heene and his reality-show "wife," who isn't identified in the clip. But apparently the gimmick of the show was putting a safety-conscious mom into the home of a storm chaser, and McHale introduces the fight by noting that "the storm-chaser dad couldn't handle the safety mom's nagging."

In fact, the subject of the fight is kind of unintelligible, but Heene loses it, extravagantly, then breaks out his harmonica. He starts singing to the wife that she has to live by his rules, and the lyric "Come on in and get my jackhammer!" features prominently.

In what may ultimately turn out to be a tragic scene, the swapped mom tells Heene's three sons -- one of whom is presumably Falcon, the missing boy -- that she's making a new rule, "that you will take care of anything in your home that I find to be unsafe. And there's a lot of work, so let's get started." To that one of the kids yells, "Fuck this rule!"

UPDATE: Heene Boys video: "Not Pussified"

This comes from the family's YouTube channel. According to the scroll in the opening of the video:

"Pussification [poo-si-fi-ca-shun]: The modern day teachings of human beings living a superficial lifestyle of consumerism, obesity, and over protectiveness [sic] for themselves and their children (put them in a corner for "Time Out") in an effort gain [sic] as many supporters as possible to believe that they are better than everyone else around them. The females are typically referred to as "Soccer Moms" while the males are referred to as "Pussies."

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