Save money and the world: Bike to the brothel

A German sex retailer goes green to fight the global economic downturn

By Andrew Leonard
Published October 16, 2009 6:51PM (UTC)
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Sex, climate change, the global economic crisis and bicycles: Some stories I would pay to write, such as this Agence France Press article on a German brothel that is offering discounts to eco-conscious customers. (Found via Grist.)

Prostitution is legal in Germany, but according to brothel manager Regina Goetz, the global economic crisis has slashed "turnover in half." So, in an effort to boost business, the brothel is offering a 5-euro discount to customers who arrive via public transportation or bicycle.


"Everyone's a winner," explained Goetz ... "The environment is a topic on everyone's lips and it's pretty difficult to park around here. So we came up with the idea of an 'eco discount' of five euros ($7.40) to anyone who leaves the car at home."

Brothel patrons "qualify for the discount" by presenting their bike helmet or bike lock keys.

Andrew Leonard

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