Pfizer's Thanksgiving road-trip pet agenda

The recession plus a car-sick dog makes for a holiday bummer, says the drug company. But don't worry, here's a pill

Published November 23, 2009 8:34PM (EST)

I've seen some self-serving press releases in my day, but this beauty from Pfizer, "Pfizer Encourages Families To Bring Their Dogs To This Year's Holiday Celebration," (found via Jim Edwards' BNET Pharma blog) deserves a special award, by deftly managing to combine pets, holidays and pharmaceutical marketing into one neat package. And Twitter!

Part I: Why Pfizer thinks you should travel with your dog:

For most people, the holidays are a time of joy and celebration. But some people feel guilty or sad about leaving their dog behind because they consider their dog part of the family.

"In addition, this year, many families are experiencing tough economic times," said Amy Trettien, DVM, Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health. "The unconditional love from your family dog can go a long way toward helping your entire family manage that extra stress." To help families talk about including their dog in their family holiday, Pfizer Animal Health has prepared seven simple tips, and is encouraging family dialogue at a new holiday Twitter feed,

Part II: Why Pfizer gives a damn:

But some families who want to include their dog in holiday travel can't because many dogs get carsick when they travel. According to Pfizer Animal Health research, one in six dogs -- an estimated 7.2 million -- will suffer from vomiting caused by motion sickness.

Which is why Pfizer Animal Health is encouraging dog owners to also talk with their veterinarians about canine motion sickness. Since Pfizer Animal Health's CERENIA(R) (maropitant citrate) was FDA-approved in 2007 to prevent vomiting caused by motion sickness and acute vomiting, thousands of families have been able to get on the road with their dogs, increasing the quality time spent with their dog.

Please, take your dog with you on your Thanksgiving road trip, because we're desperate to move more of our dog-vomiting-prevention product. Lovely.

By Andrew Leonard

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