Films of the decade: "Late Marriage"

Raw and honest, with the realest sex scene in movie history, this little-seen comedy offers rare delights

Published December 17, 2009 5:46PM (EST)

A still from  "Late Marriage"
A still from "Late Marriage"

I'm not sure it's my favorite film of the decade (I haven't made my list yet), but without question my favorite film to recommend is Dover Koshashvili's 2001 "Late Marriage." I've lost count of how many friends I've turned on to this little Israeli film about a 31-year-old bachelor and his parents' efforts to marry him off. It's raw and honest and funny and human and sad. And it's got probably the realest sex scene in the history of movies. Like a lot of my favorite movies, it's not quite clear whether you're watching a comedy or a drama, but that's because what you're watching is real life.

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By Robert Siegel

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