Dems fighting over in-fighting?

A Democratic strategist warns colleagues that the blame game isn't helping fix problems

Published January 20, 2010 4:20AM (EST)

Pointing fingers between Boston and Washington may be the capital's new favorite bloodsport, but it's not exactly the best way for Democrats to prepare for November. One senior party strategist tells Salon it's time to get past the in-fighting:

This is not the apocalypse for November. But if all the takeaways from this race are about the tactics, and whether Celinda Lake sucks or not, and Rahm Emanuel pissing on whether the signs are the right color or not, that spells disaster... It's not constructive in terms of, why are independents fleeing from us like we have the bubonic plague?

Nobody here is going to nominate Martha Coakley for campaign of the year. But there's something bigger here.



By Mike Madden

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