Another comedy fix goes away

Sarah Haskins ends her ace satirical series "Target: Women"

By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Published January 26, 2010 1:27PM (EST)
Sarah Haskins
Sarah Haskins

In the throes of our ongoing laments about the dearth of women comedy writers working in entertainment, we've gratefully clung to Sarah Haskins. For the past two years, Haskins's "Target Women" segments for's "InfoMania" have skewered the delusional, frequently offensive way woman are portrayed in movies and advertising -- and been a reliably stinging source of two and a half minutes of laughter in our angry little feminist lives. But now Haskins has signed off from Current to devote herself fulltime to screenwriting

Upside: She's writing a movie for Amy Poehler! She's made a short parody of MILF culture called "DILFS!" We're plotzing in anticipation! Downside: Our grief over losing "Target Women" is currently at the same pitch it was when they cancelled "Firefly." (Which reminds us: GodDAMN you, Fox.)

But as we pour out a 40 for the woman who gave us the phrases "rape fables" and "dry hump heaven," we thank Jezebel for getting Haskins to do a farewell interview, wherein she waxes wise on Sarah Palin, why we need more women in the comedy writing rooms and her desire to buy the Hoda and Kathie Lee shower curtain.  It eases the pain somewhat to know we can still follow her on Twitter. And Sarah, if you're looking for a comic collaborator, we understand Conan's  available

Mary Elizabeth Williams

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