Craziest figure-skating costumes ever

In a bedazzled world of bad taste, here are our candidates worthy of true blades of glory

Published February 14, 2010 2:01AM (EST)

Ah, figure skating. In a public arena largely cleaned up and made bland by an army of stylists, skaters dance to their own music. And what cheesy, sleazy and sometimes gruesome music it is! For every elegant Vera Wang-designed confection for Michelle Kwan there have been hundreds of taste-impaired showstoppers -- complete with feathers, capes, bondage straps and enough sequins to outfit all of Vegas (and the Mustang Ranch) for decades to come.

In eager anticipation of this year's Olympic glitz, we want to highlight some of the most wonderfully bad figure skating outfits of all time. (Apologies to the Ukraine.) Enjoy!

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By Salon Staff

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