NYU Law School event

Discussing civil liberties, Obama, Terrorism, the media and more

Published March 9, 2010 2:07PM (EST)

On February 26, I spoke at NYU School of Law, at a 90-minute event hosted by that school's Center on Law and Security, regarding civil liberties, Obama, Terrorism and many political and media issues that are frequent topics of discussion here.  The event, moderated by NYU Law Professor Stephen Holmes, consisted entirely of a Q-and-A session, first questions posed to me by Professor Holmes and then by those in the audience.  Here are several excerpts, each roughly 3-5 minutes in length (thanks to Blazej Kazcynski for these clips):

On combating propaganda:


On progressive activism under Obama:


Vindicating principles in a two-party system:


Obama's awareness of his political problems:


Does the rule of law matter?



On principles v. pragmatism :


On civilian v. military tribunals and the "Soft on Terror" attack:


On the prospects of winning political debates:

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