Salon Radio: Rep. Alan Grayson

The controversial Congressman speaks on lobbyist influence, financial reform, Israel, and ways to change Washington

By Glenn Greenwald
March 27, 2010 7:28PM (UTC)
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Rep. Alan Grayson has been declared to be the Number One target for defeat in November by various official GOP groups. Grayson has been able to maintain an unorthodox stance, and to publicly attack powerful interests that are normally shielded from attack, because he has attempted to rely upon individual citizens and the netroots for funding, rather than lobbyists and the interests that control Washington.  Toward that end, Grayson has a "money bomb" for today, and those who are interested can participate here.

I spoke to him today for roughly 15 minutes about a variety of topics, including lobbyist influence in Washington, how his new fundraising model can undermine it, the prospects for real financial reform, U.S. policy toward Israel, and the war in Afghanistan, which he vehemently opposes.  The discussion can be heard by clicking PLAY on the recorder below.


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