Blagojevich fired from "Celebrity Apprentice"

Trump axes the former Illinois governor for his inability to text message and e-mail properly

By Associated Press
April 5, 2010 7:08PM (UTC)
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Rod Blagojevich (blah-GOY'-uh-vich) has been fired again.

The former governor, whom Illinois lawmakers ousted from office last year, has been kicked off NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice."

"Apprentice" boss Donald Trump fired the ex-governor on Sunday's episode after Blagojevich struggled as team leader in creating an interactive display.


As on a previous episode, technology posed a surprising hurdle for Blagojevich. On Sunday's show, he had trouble sending text messages and e-mailing.

Blagojevich's team members complained that he didn't give them clear instructions.

He was thrown out of office in January 2009 and faces a federal indictment alleging political corruption while in office. Blagojevich has denied any wrongdoing.



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