YouTube declares: Guys, we've got company

Two of the week's most popular compilations prove that repetition is the sincerest form of hilarity

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Senior Writer

Published April 16, 2010 12:17PM (EDT)

Ever feel like you've seen and heard it all before? That's because you have. Fortunately, repetition can be its own reward, because a thing done many times over eventually becomes strangely hilarious. And as two of the most forwarded clips of the week prove -- whether you're a chipper beauty blogger posting from your own bedroom or a wildly overpaid movie star in a big-budget fiasco, everybody needs a catchphrase.


What is it that makes videos of people saying the same thing over and over and over again so damn appealing? I don't know for sure, but it could be lupus.

House Extra - It could be lupus

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By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a senior writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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