So, "That's a Tea Party!"

Watch the new music video from the most recent hip-hop sensation to hit the "grass roots" movement

Published April 16, 2010 6:44PM (EDT)

Here's the latest from Polatik, the official rapper of the Tea Party Express -- the GOP consultant-run PAC mascarading as a grassroots movement.

Not to be confused with Hi-Caliber, the conservative hip-hop artist who graced the stage during the 9/12 Tea Party rallies, Polatik, a young right-wing emcee from Waco, is a more recent phenomenon. The song "That's a Tea Party" may sound familiar to those of you who are regular on the circuit -- he's been performing it live along the Tea Party Express bus tour from St. George, Utah to Little Rock, Arkansas to Hunstville, Alabama. But the snazzy new music video just came out this week.

From the Tea Party sensation who brought you "Freedom," here's Polatik's oddly defensive explanation of what a Tea Party is (hint: It's "not a race thing but you hear that often"):

By Emily Holleman

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