Jon Stewart bites into Apple

While Steve Jobs explains why Flash must die, the Gizmodo/iPhone saga lives on

Published April 29, 2010 6:30PM (EDT)

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

As a public service, HTWW recommends:

A long, and convincing, post by Steve Jobs explaining why Apple is determined to destroy the Flash format.

An interesting and informative look at some of the legal issues pertaining to Gizmodo's iPhone prototype caper. I was particularly intrigued by the difference between "information" and physical "goods."

But the shield law in particular makes a clear distinction between receiving goods and receiving information. Information is protected, regardless of how it was obtained, but goods are not. Says Lawrence, "We're talking about accepting an actual device, a cellphone. If you look at it as an object, as someone's phone, then Jason Chen and the publication are trafficking in stolen goods. But if you look at it not as a phone but as a collection of information about Apple and Apple's marketing plan, it becomes newsworthy and thus protected. That's what makes this case so interesting."

And finally, Jon Stewart wrests himself away from the follies of Fox News and Wall Street, to deliver some trademarked goggle-eyed amazement at Apple's dire transmogrification into The Man.

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