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Returning Monday, May 10

Published April 30, 2010 9:28PM (EDT)

I'm taking the next week off and will return here on Monday, May 10.  Sadly, I'm not taking a traveling/disappearing vacation, but mostly a working one:  to finish a long magazine article I've been working on for too long and also, hopefully, to finish my slightly overdue book.  As a result, if something truly riveting occurs next week (a Supreme Court selection, an indictment or pardon of Dick Cheney, something on that level), I'd likely write about it.  I'm also scheduled to do a Bloggingheads session with David Frum early in the week, so if the video is available, I'll post it here.  Otherwise, I'll be back next Monday.  Feel free to use the comment section here for whatever reasonable purposes you desire.

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