Bloggingheads: SCOTUS and restraining corporate influence

Talking to Harvard Professor Larry Lessig about the confirmation process and combating corrupt control of Congress

By Glenn Greenwald

Published May 14, 2010 9:15AM (EDT)

(updated below)

For those hordes of people who haven't yet gotten enough of me and Larry Lessig this week, our traveling road show continued as we recorded a Bloggingheads session yesterday (video below).  We discussed our contentious exchange from earlier this week and the lessons to be drawn from it; Elena Kagan's views on executive power; whether Kagan (and judicial nominees generally) should be forced to answer specific questions about their views of the law and the Constitution; proposals for restraining corporate control (i.e., ownership) of Congress in the aftermath of the Citizens United decision; Obama's role in perpetuating those problems; the reasons why corporate control of Washington is the "overarching" political problem; and whether a backlash against Beltway subservience to corporate interests is one of those issues that can unite citizens across ideological lines.  I'm traveling today, so it's unlikely I'll be able to post more today, and I think this discussion was quite good and worth listening to (specific segments can be selected here).

As a reminder, on Sunday morning, I'll be on ABC News' This Week roundtable, along with George Will, former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig, former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie, and The New York Times' Helene Cooper.  The topics will be Kagan, the Karzai visit/Afghanistan, and other topics, and will be preceded by an interview with Sens. Pat Leahy and Jeff Sessions, the Chair and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, so it should be interesting.  Finally, see this post from John Cole about a new, moderately good New York Times article from Scott Shane on Obama's due-process-free assassination program aimed at U.S. citizens: 


UPDATE:  When I noted John Cole's post regarding Obama's assassination program above, I had intended (but then neglected) to recommend that everyone read the comment section to that post, because the blind-Obama-loyalist faction of Cole's commentariat were engaging in the most extreme and darkly entertaining efforts to justify Obama's due-process-free killing of American citizens (because it's Obama's conduct).  So  repugnant were their contortions that Cole himself wrote a new, scathing post condemning this all-too-common mentality; it is well worth reading.

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