Appearing on ABC's "This Week"

Discussing Kagan, Obama's civil liberties record, and the numerous primaries challenges around the country

Published May 16, 2010 4:17PM (EDT)

I was on ABC's This Week roundtable this morning -- along with George Will, Greg Craig, Ed Gillespie, and The New York Times' Helene Cooper -- discussing the Kagan nomination, Obama's civil liberties record, and the various primary challenges taking place around the country.  I have several observations to make about the whole experience, though I''m traveling today and likely won't be able to post until tomorrow or even Tuesday.  Below are three clips -- first, the exchange I had with Kagan defender (and former Obama White House counsel) Greg Craig regarding Kagan's lack of known views on most issues, followed by the two full, unedited segments of the roundtable.  Craig's inability to identify any specific views which Kagan has on the critical issues I asked about has been replicated by numerous other Kagan defenders:

Long-time commenter DCLaw1 provided some amusing live-tweeting and post-segment reflections on his blog, as did Jane Hamsher.

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